You Can Play These Songs With Cords

by Del Dot

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If you permit Del Dot to reel you in, you'll come ear to ear with a limitless world of interplanetary racket and neon whimsy. Dippy spirit reigns in the quick, 6-track You Can Play These Songs With Cords, where pliant, happy beats shimmy, clack, thump, and twine with the first-string noise of right where you sit.

In the doozie Shedd View, Del Dot leaves the TV on during an electrical storm, and lets the characters of his voltaic opera clap it out. There are times you'll be totally zoned out on the pacifying racket, and suddenly everything will gather force and you'll be moving, with wired purpose, to a song you like. You won't know whether you're listening to a cosmic change in the weather or if you've stomped head first into a party you'll never leave.

When Del Dot says goodbye with Won't C U Again, your heart falls a little bit. It's like you've backslid into the last scene of a heart-bending film, unwitting. The beauty bumps up against that tender spot where all emotion swells and fades out of your attention with a parting twinkle, the loose glitter and amorphous gurgle of a gasping baby star, until he finally says his last goodbye with a wink and a nod. To assure you that nothing is too serious or more important than the bobbing of one's head.


released 09 January 2012
Artist(s) featured: Del Dot
Duration: 29.5 minutes
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