Transitory Timing

by Pinscape

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What shines through brightest in the lens of Transitory Timing is Pinscape founder Matthew Flook’s fixation with the shoegaze music of the early ‘90s. The tracks are laced thread-and-needle with Flook’s gorgeous vocal work and mixed to blend his ethereal orating deep into the layers. And while nods to My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive would explain much of what you hear in this 7-track EP, the landscape shows a broader horizon of musical upbringing and experiences.

In lieu of the heavily effected guitars traditionally used by bands of the shoegaze era, Pinscape turns to electronica and IDM tactics to fill out the backdrops. “Last Wish” puts on a bass-heavy synthetic beat perfect for either a night on the dance floor or a mellow evening on the couch, while “Tres Pasitos” and “Through the Window” follow the more ambient wanderings of bands like Telefon Tel Aviv and Aphex Twin. Occasional acoustic instruments and analog sampling and manipulations add ear-catching details throughout.

In the end, it’s Flook’s voice that will bring you back to the album again and again. Its dark, emotive power will not be denied. He has impressed upon Transitory Timing the grey, gloomy din of Pacific Northwestern weather and midnight outings in pitch-black corners of a dim city. Similarities to Sparklehorse’s collaboration with David Lynch surface on more than a few instances. With this in mind, the ethereal reverb placed on the vocal tracks gives an almost otherworldly and uplifting sense to the music as a whole. It is the space rock musician turning his head from his more shoe-conscious forebears.


released 24 August 2010
Artist(s) featured: Pinscape
Duration: 26.9 minutes
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