Office Jargon

by Hello Square

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The long-awaited single from acousmatic pop artist Hello Square is finally here, and we are delighted to celebrate in its dissemination. Office Jargon finds the perfect balance between the synthetic downtempo dance beats you’ve come to know and love from our label and the more mainstream vocal work of early-‘90s shoegaze and grunge outfits.

Michael Louzao, the mastermind behind Hello Square, has created an instrumental backing track of pure beauty. A clear and catchy synth lead reminiscent of The Postal Service stays at the forefront throughout. Anchoring this down with an understated intensity is the mellow groove of the bass line and the head-bobbing backbeat of the pulse. In the background, arrangements of ambient strings and chimes wash through the anthem as Louzao’s voice sails over the sea. The subtleties throughout, as you will see, are epically gorgeous.

Since we couldn’t rest until others from our roster had some fun with the single, we are sending you along with two remixes. The first, done by iameb 57, lends a heavy dose of glitch to Hello Square’s pop sensibilities. A deep house reverb passes in and out of Louzao’s vocals while scattered subdivisions deconstruct the strict backbeat like waves chopping through the original track. The second remix, done by Nueva Forma’s newest member A Gap Between, is perhaps more precisely a sampling. A new almost galloping beat lays the foundation for a club treatment of the material. Only two lines of the original vocals are used, and A Gap Between deftly weaves them in and out, layering them around and on top of one another.


released 03 August 2010
Artist(s) featured: Hello Square
Duration: 11.3 minutes
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